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How to use a finsuit



Hand wash in cold water after each use, please use neutral detergent. Do not bleach – do not iron. Do not let wet garment in polybag or in any other closed box. Let garment dry away from heat and direct sunlight. Following these suggestion, your garment will maintain longer its features.



The new generation bodysuits are delicate due to the kind of fabric used; for this reason it is important to follow next instructions in wearing it in order to avoid structural damages. 
We suggest to put it on with latex gloves. 
• Pull on a plastic bag on the feet to thread them easier into the swimsuit. 
• Position the trousers’ border just above the ankle and insert the other foot in the same way. 
• Rise the swimsuit with small progress until you reach the knee on both legs. 
• With the hands, using only the fingertips (never the nails) position properly the swimsuit on the knee. 
• Keep on positioning with slight tension the swimsuit on the thigh. 
• Bring the swimsuit up till the groin positioning with slight and repeated tension the swimsuit according the legs’ and hips’ shape. 
• Begin to put on carefully the top part of the swimsuit. 
• Insert with great care and gradually the arm in one of the straps arranging the swimsuit with the motion of the shoulder. 
• Insert the second arm in the same way. 
Use only the fingertips, tension slowly the fabric, flex the body and twist the torso until the swimsuit become like a replica rolex second skin completely tight fitting to the body. 
• Wearing the swimsuit and adjusting it, pay attention avoiding stretching the fabric near the joints and the joint self.